Volunteer Work Day (12/26/19)

Volunteer Work Day (12/26/19)

Please bring gloves, and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. Also if you have them please bring any folding ladders, cordless drills and hammers that you have. All volunteers will get Lunch on GoAirheads plus 2 free entrances for those that stay all day and 1 if they are only able to stay a partial day. Please be 13 or older! Thank you!

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    • Sorry for the late reply. We ask for 10 or up as long as they are mature enough to stay focused on a given task.

    • You know, we are not sure how many people will show up and how much work we will or won’t be able to get done, so additional power tools may be helpful depending. I would say if you have a sawzall that might prove to be helpful!

  1. Hey guys never been to your field, it would be a first, but I’m a maintenance technician 23 yrs of age and would love to help and discover a new field layout! Got the tools corded, cordless, elbow powered… you name it! Let me know if the spots are taken I’ll be checking my updated work schedule this coming week.

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