Times and Pricing

Airhead War Field & Gun Rental Pricing

GoAirheads Field and Store in Erie, close to Denver, CO, offers family-friendly fun, quality products, and prompt repair services. Bring your friends, make new friends, and participate in the best Airsoft war event around. We even host zombie survival matches, like our I AM ZOMBIE game.

Prices are dependent on which event you attend as can be seen below. We also offer airsoft rentals and BB sales for anyone in your party who may not have his or her own supplies.

Browse through our pricing structure below to get an idea of our fees. For private parties and special events, please email Josh at Goairheadsales@gmail.com for a detailed quote.

NOTE: We now accept cash, checks and Credit Cards (2% fee for card transactions).

Times: Regular winter games 10am – 4pm Regular summer games 10am – 5pm. Visit our event page for additional event times.

Prices & Entree Fees

Regular Day: $15.00
(+ $1 deposit for team armbands)

Special Events:

Summer Camp: $250
24 Hour Event: $45.00
Oblivion Tournament: $35.00
Zombie Event: $30.00

Call David Trevathan @ 303-525-2392 for questions

BB Sales

High grade, Valken 0.20g
*5,000 rounds: $12.00
(Many other options available in our store)

Airsoft Gun Rentals

$15.00 – Regular Day
$20.00 –  24 Hour Event, I AM ZOMBIE
$20.00 – Oblivion Tournaments
ONLY .20g bb’s or higher must be used in rentals

Face Mask: $5.00

Safety Vests/Pistol Combo: $15.00
Lunches: Vary in menu and prices (Never over $5.00)

HPA Fills: $4 per bottle (Can not do 4,500 PSI)


Pop, water, gatorade, snacks etc all available at our vending machine.