Rules For Playing at GoAirheads Field

1. Eye Protection MUST be worn on the Field.This means FULL SEAL eye protection with approved safety lenses (ANSI Z87.1) No ski goggles, mesh eyeglasses or regular shooting glasses!
2. Lower face protection is required for all players.
3. Do not shoot in staging area. Barrel bags must be on any gun not holstered or closed inside a gun bag as well as mags out and HPA air disconnected.
4. Minimum age for players is 10.
5. Do not use profanity.
6. Be honest, do not steal, and respect others belongings. This is a public place so please put your valuables away.   
7. Vandalism is not tolerated so do not shoot or destroy the netting, signs or structures found on GoAirheads property. If you see someone doing these things please report them to management immediately.
8. Bathrooms are located near the South Side of the parking lot.
9. Be respectful of the residents of the house and do not shoot or enter the yard inside the white fence.
10.Don’t feed or shoot any animals on GoAirheads Property. For example: birds, rabbits, goats, dogs etc.
11. Be responsible for the trash you make and please throw it away in the trash bins.
12. Do not sell goods or services here without permission from management.
13. Please reference GoAirheads in any pictures or videos you post online.
14. Referees ROCK! They are the last word. If you ever have a problem with a ref, please talk to someone in management.
15. Any and all disputes must be brought to a Game Referee, any further concerns please address someone in management. If you are 100% sure a player is cheating please let a referee know. That ref will bring that specific player to the side an will give them a “strike”. Strikes are given to players for not folliwng our rules. If three strikes are given in a day that player will be kicked out with no refund and my be permanently banned.
16. To play you must have  a GoAirheads barrel bag or GoAirheads red and blue armbands, either can be purchased inside the shop. These are used as team identification. You ARE allowed to use your own official barrel bag however you must still use a GoAirheads Armband to accompany this.
17. Stay in field boundaries, and do not move any objects on the field, ask a referee for locations if you are unsure.
18. Riot shields are not permitted.
19. Play fair, call your hits. Airsoft is a game of honor so it is IMPERATIVE all players treat it as such.
20. A hit is anywhere to the body or gear. After you are hit please put your hands in the air, call “HIT” several times, walk out of the line of fire and then return to respawn or walk off the field. Ricochets and gun hits do not count as hits. 
21. No blind fire, you may shoot through a hole ONLY if you can fit two fists through said opening.
22. Do not get on any roofs.
23. Friendly fire counts. Call it the same as a normal hit. (see rule #20)
24. Dead men don’t talk. You are not allowed to say ANY infromation after you are hit.
25. You must be present for the game rules to participate in each game.
26. Biodegradable BB’s must be used at GoAirheads. No exceptions.
27. Airsoft grenades are used on the field. They are loud but should be under hearing damage levels. However, if you have sensitive ears or are playing a LOT we recommend you wear earplugs to mitigate any risk of potential hearing damage. 

28.Only Pyrotechnics SOLD by GoAirheads are allowed on our field. Do NOT throw smoke grenades into buildings or near any flamable objects. If something catches on fire IMMEDIATELY tell a referee.   

29. The only other grenades allowed at GoAirheads are Green Gas powered grenades and spring grenades that shoot out bb’s. When a grenade goes off, anyone within a 10′ radius is automatically hit unless they are behind HARD cover. Please throw grenades underhand. No other grenades are allowed.
30. Alcohol and Marijuanna are NOT allowed on GoAirheads property. Do not consume or be under the influence of these substances while at GoAirheads.
31. Do not wear orange Shirts/Jackets as this color is reserved for our staff.
32. We will not accept players within the last 2 hours of any public game so MAKE SURE to get there early so you can play.

33. All guns will be measured with a 0.32g bb provided by GoAirheads employees. These are what ALL the measurements below will be measured with. 

34. Adhere to FPS limits:
Rifleman Class – 310 fps for anything that shoots semi or full auto. Can only shoot semi within 20′.
DMR Class – 350 fps for our DMR Class. Must be SEMI-LOCKED. (50 ft. MED)
Sniper Class – 450 fps for Bolt Action snipers ONLY. (100 ft. MED)

*Burst, Binary, Double Triggers, Ramping or anything else that increases your ROF counts as full auto.
*For the DMR class, Sniper class (and Rifleman class if your gun is ONLY capable of shooting full auto) you MUST also carry a sidearm that is shooting 310 FPS or lower and must be able to shoot semi-auto. 
*All Guns have a 30RPS max and will be measured with hop-ups OFF

*All HPA Rifles will be required to have a tournament lock on their air regulator.

35. Bang rule: When approaching another player from behind before shooting that player you may yell “Bang!”, if they do not respond as if they were hit you may proceed to shoot them. This is an optional courtesy rule so it is not required but is appreciated by everyone when used.

36. Recommended (but not required) Dress Code:

  1. Close Toed Shoes/Boots
  2. Full length looser fitting pants
  3. Light Jacket/Hoodie with a couple layers underneath (this way you can take off layers if needed)
  4. Full Finger Gloves
  5. Hat or a Beanie