Rules For Playing at GoAirheads Field

  1. Do not use profanity.
  2. Eye Protection MUST be worn on the Field and in the Staging area. This means FULL SEAL eye protection. Not just sun glasses.
  3. Play fair. Call your hits.
  4. Be honest. Don’t take anything that doesn’t belong to you.
  5. Referees Rock. They are the last Word.
  6. Do not shoot in the Staging area.
  7. Adhere to FPS limits:
    1. 385 fps for anything that shoots semi or full auto
    2. 575 fps for bolt action snipers ONLY. Snipers cannot engage under 50′
    3. *Any gun found to be shooting over our FPS limit will be held until the player leaves for the day.
    4. *All HPA Rifles will be required to have a tournament lock on their air regulator.
    5. *All guns must be measured with .2g bb’s provided by GoAirheads employees.
  8. Stay in field boundaries. Ask referee for locations. No Riot shields/moving objects.
  9. Any and All disputes will be brought to Game Referee. Then refer to Rule #5
  10. Please do not sell anything without prior permission from GoAirheads owners, please do not start your own business on our field (ie; gun repairs, food sales).
  11. If video taping or taking pictures you must get permission from GoAirheads owners. Show “GoAirheads” on FB and YouTube.
  12. Animals are off limits. Don’t shoot them.
  13. Bang rule ( Sneak up on an opponent and say “bang” instead of actually shooting them.)
  14. No Blind Fire.
  15. Semi-auto ONLY inside any structures
  16. Anyone 16 or younger MUST wear lower face protection.
  17. Minimum age to play is 10 years old