GoAirheads 1 Year Memberships are Available NOW!!!

GoAirheads 1 Year Memberships are Available NOW!!!

Hello Airheads! We are so excited to release our 1 Year Memberships for public use. We appreciate you wanting to support us by buying this pass, and also thank you for your patience as we have been getting the pass system finalized. We are sure you will love all the benefits this will give, both now and into the future! Thank you!

What you get:

 How to PURCHASE a Pass:

All pass purchases MUST be made in person at GoAirheads. If the player who the pass is being purchased for is under 18, a legal parent or guardian MUST be there in order to sign for the pass as well as the player. After our terms and conditions form is signed and the pass is paid for the player will be added to our “list” of annual members (this may take up to two weeks for new lists to be printed out). For the first 2 weeks after pass has been purchased please hold onto a copy of your receipt for possible verification purposes.

 How to USE your Pass:

Next time the player wants to use their pass they will simply show a photo ID at the register next time they are wating to make a purchase (or trying to enter) and all membership discounts will be applied to their order. This ID can be a Driver’s License, Permit, Passport, School ID, Library Card or any other type of official PHOTO ID that matches the member. If no photo ID is presented GoAirheads has the right to deny membership benefits until a valid photo ID is presented. There will be no refunds for people forgetting to alert staff of their membership status after the transaction has been completed. PLEASE alert staff BEFORE the transaction.

Clarification Notes:

  • If you are not 18 or older you will have to bring a parent/guardian in with you when you register for your pass in our shop. This is because we will require you fill out an Annual Pass agreement and require adult signatures if applicable.
  • Please make sure to have a liability waiver already on file with GoAirheads to expedite the membership process.
  • If you are able to come in during the WEEKDAYS to register your pass this would be preferred (but not required!) to avoid long waits from coming on a weekend.

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