GoAirheads 1 Year Memberships are Available NOW!!!

GoAirheads 1 Year Memberships are Available NOW!!!

Hello Airheads! We are so excited to release our 1 Year Memberships for public use. Before we get into the nitty gritty I wanted to say THANK YOU. We appreciate you wanting to support us by buying this pass, and also thank you for your patience as we have been getting the pass system finalized. It has been a process creating this very unique membership for our clients that will allow us to expand in many ways over the coming years. We are sure you will love all the benefits this will give, both now and into the future! Thank you!

What you get:

 How to Use Pass:

There will be two ways to use your pass (though only one is live right now): Either by downloading our app (coming soon) or by going to this website link: m-client.goairheads.com

Once there you will be prompted to enter your email address. It is important to note, only emails that are attached to a PRE-FILLED OUT liability waiver are eligible to create a login (since we require all members to have a waiver on file to play at GoAirheads). If you would like to login you will have to make sure to use this email we have on file for you when you filled out your liability waiver. If you would like to change this to a different email you will need to fill out a new waiver with the new email address. This is located here: https://www.goairheads.com/waiver/ .
After you have input your email it will ask you to create a password and then ask you to confirm your password. After all this has been done you will see a page similar to this one! This is your “card” page.


The QR code that is displayed when you initially login is your “general” user card. You will need this to be opened at the time that you want to purchase/redeem your year pass at our register. We will scan this pass and add your 1 year membership pass to your profile after payment (or proof of pre-pay). We will then prompt you to click on the Green “select one here” button. After you click this you will see a new page with all your currently purchased memberships.


^ (This is an example of what mine looks like)
You will select the “Annual Pass” card option and then show us your new displayed QR code. This will be what we need every time you want to use your card for your free entrance or for any applicable discounts etc. Please make sure you have this card pulled up when you come to the register in the future so we can easily scan your card and get you through checkout quick and easy. 

Clarification Notes:

  • Yes you MUST have a smartphone with an internet connection in order to login to your account to show us your card. Even if it is just borrowing a parent’s or a friend’s phone.
  • We can put multiple 1 Year Membership passes on the same account if you have a family and would prefer to have them all on the same page. Just please make sure that you express this to our sales person at the time you register for your pass
  • If you are not 18 or older you will have to bring a parent/guardian in with you when you register for your pass in our shop. This is because we will require you fill out an Annual Pass agreement and require adult signatures if applicable.
  • Please take your time to sign into your online profile BEFORE showing up to the shop. This will reduce wait times and potential hassel, streamlining the process for everyone. Again, your phone should look like the first reference picture when you come up to the register.
  • Please have patience as we are checking you in and getting everything sorted. This is a new system for ALL of us and there will inevitably be some unforeseen issues that will arise. Rest assured we will take care of these ASAP and make sure you get all of your membership perks no matter what!
  • If you are able to come in during the WEEKDAYS to register your pass this would be preferred (but not required!) to avoid long waits from coming on a weekend.
  • Please bring your receipt or a picture of it with you when you come in to register for the first time. If you do not have this there are other ways to look it up HOWEVER it will take much longer and be a bit more complicated.
  • Finally, one more “perk” of having a season pass is you will NO LONGER have to register on our website for any specific Public Games. Instead, we will always make sure to keep “X” slots open to accommodate our season pass holders dropping in to play! No reservations needed! (If you are bringing a friend PLEASE make sure they pay online though or else they will not be able to play).

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