Repairs & Upgrades

Repairs & Upgrades

Are you looking to get more accuracy out of your sniper? Maybe you want to turn your SMG into a BB hose? Or maybe you want the ability to customize your rate of fire, burst, FPS or any other metrics on the fly! Whatever it is, we are there to help! At GoAirheads we have a fully trained staff of Airsoft Techs that love tuning and upgrading guns to their FULL potential! Ranging from $60 to $500+ their is an upgrade to suit your needs and play style.

Not looking to upgrade but maybe just want your gun up and running again? We can do that too! Our trained staff are methodical in taking apart your airsoft gun to see what is broken and to get your gun up and running more reliably than ever!

Interested? Come down to GoAirheads during any of our open hours (field or store) and someone will be there to see what you are needing, give advice and take your gun in to start the process.

Details: Repairs/Upgrades take between 2-5 weeks on average depending on what parts are needed to be ordered, difficulty of the repair and time of year. Standard Repairs/Upgrades have a 30 Day GoAirheads Labor Warranty for any parts that we worked on during the course of your project.

We charge $50 per hour of labor plus the cost of parts for any repair or upgrade. MOST projects take between 1 hour and 3 hours. If the total for your airsoft repair goes above $70 we will always call you beforehand to explain the details and confirm if you would like us to continue. All upgrades and repairs are required to pay a bench fee of $20 upon dropping off the gun. That Bench Fee will later be credited towards the total cost of the upgrade or repair when the project is completed. If the gun is found to be without a problem or the customer decides not to proceed with the project, that fee will be kept by GoAirheads.

Please read our Policies here before dropping your gun off:

Tech Department Policies and Limited Warranty

Questions? Call our Tech Department at 303-495-3520. Please leave a message if nobody answers as we get VERY busy in our shop. We WILL call you back ASAP. Thanks!