Covid-19 Rules for Playing at GoAirheads:

Covid-19 Rules for Playing at GoAirheads:

Weld County has reviewed GoAirheads Covid safety procedures and protocol and has given approval for GoAirheads to reopen again for walk on play of groups of up to 200 (with several safety guidelines of course)! WOOHOO! We will be reopening for walk-on play starting 6/16/20. This will be done on a first come, first served basis (except for pre-purchased tickets).

Requirements for Player:

Social Distancing Rules:

  • You should only be with the people you came with and close friends (limit of 6 people per table stall).
  • Avoid Congregating together in large groups in the middle of our staging area. We require that after each game you walk directly to your group’s table stall and hang out/reload there.

Mask Rules:

  • We are requiring everyone to wear a mask when in the staging area and store at all time (apart from eating and drinking). BOTH nose and mouth must be covered by this mask.
  • Normal face protection will be allowed on the field without the use of a “covid mask”. However, you must put your Covid mask on immediately upon reentering our staging area.
  • Masks will be available for purchase if you forget yours or do not have yours.

Again, remember these rules are what is REQUIRED in order for GoAirheads to be open. Please do not jeopardize our field by breaking these rules simply because “this mask feels weird” or “I’m just an extroverted type of guy!” These rules will be treated the same as ANY of our other safety rules and will result in being BANNED if not followed. (Remember guys, this is only temporary, eventually things will relax and we will be able to get back to business as usual).

This is a very exciting time for GoAirheads but must be done safely and with caution. Thank you for supporting us and welcome back.

Please Call Josh at 303-495-3997 if you have any questions.

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