Friday Night Fights & Saturday [ADULT SWIM]

Friday Night Fights & Saturday [ADULT SWIM]

Starting 4/2 and lasting through 9/25 GoAirheads has Night Games every Friday and Saturday night!

As a reminder: All night games are from 6-11pm with first game starting close to 6:30. ALL night games require each player to have additional Red/Blue LED Bands that will need to be purchased in the store for $8. These are reusable and have replaceable batteries so you could use them for any future night games without having to buy a new set each time. We also HIGHLY recommend bringing CLEAR eye protection! Finally, remember if you play the day game and want to also play the night game that same night, PLEASE keep your wristband on and we will take an additional $10 OFF your night game entry!

Friday Night Fights: Open to anyone 10 or older with GoAirhead’s normal family friendly ruleset.

[ADULT SWIM] will be every Saturday night for those 16 or older and is less family friendly as we allow “Happy cussing” and smoking is allowed in our staging area (Vape or cigs only).

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  1. So hypothetically, if I was planing to do a night game on my bday with some friends but my bday is on a Saturday and one of my friends isn’t 16 by the time but will be relatively soon after, would that one friend be allowed to be able to participate or would he have to sit out? Just wondering?

    • If you are talking about coming to our public Adult Swim night games then yes, your friend would not be able to come. However, you can book a private party for your birthday and then anyone 10 or older can come to your private party. Click the “parties” tab for more info!

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