Effective 1/1/2021: Entrance Price Change

Effective 1/1/2021: Entrance Price Change

Attention all GoAirheads players. Effective 1/1/2021 GoAirheads will be increasing the price of entrance to $30 per day. As the cost of running an ever growing business keeps increasing we find this price change is necessary in order to continue business into the future. In addition, this will help us afford some AMAZING improvements to GoAirheads. Below is a list of planned upgrades that we hope to acheive with this price increase:

In no particular order:

  1. Upgrade our existing staging areas including: Electrical, Gravel, Shaded Areas and Tables/Chairs
  2. Construct a taller, sturdier permanent wall between our fields and our staging areas.
  3. Replace our HPA system to be able fill all tanks to either 3K or 4.5K with NO WAITING.
  4. Improving all of our fields with PA speaker systems in order to better communicate with all players at once on each of our three large fields.
  5. Expand our existing fields both in terms of playable area as well as improved buildings and geography
  6. Expand our parking area to make parking easier during our busiest days
  7. Hiring additional employees to cut down on wait times and to have additional eyes on the field
  8. Begin the coding/programing process for a membership system that does discounts for frequent players, tracks purchases AND will be the foundation for when we start to sell Annual Passes (More info to come on passes soon!)
  9. Finally, we would like to expand both our rental shops and main store to offer a better, less crowded, experience to our customers with a wider assortment of products to both buy and rent.

Please keep in mind that much of this will take time to do, however we are dedicated to providing the best airsoft experience Colorado has to offer. Thank you again for your continued support.

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