Day of the DeadHeads Player and Volunteer Registration is NOW OPEN! (10/27/2023)

Day of the DeadHeads Player and Volunteer Registration is NOW OPEN! (10/27/2023)


In the early 1900’s the most sophisticated biochemical research facility of its time stood here. It was responsible for the creation of vaccines and cures for some of the deadliest virus known to mankind. For nearly 30 years its staff worked proudly, but in 1929, an explosion ripped through the plant changing everything. The damage from the explosion allowed quarantined chemicals to mix resulting in what is known today as the “Zombie Virus”. It was quickly realized that the time and resources needed to create a cure were in short supply.

With the reality of a full scale plague looming, the infected scientists took action. All materials, chemicals, and equipment associated with the virus were moved to the central research center. Then, in an act of bravery, the infected sealed themselves inside in hopes the virus would die along with them. Those lost that day were hailed as heroes, and their actions insured the safety of mankind since.

Now, 90 years later the complex is left in ruins. Years of weathering and erosion sped up by damage in the second world war have opened a breach in the main complex threating mankind once more.

Today you will be operating under the highly decorated Dr. Monica Varishnikov. She has been tasked with developing a vaccine against the zombie virus. Your mission is to complete objectives assigned by her, and to eliminate those who cannot be saved. We are the first defense against this new threat. Our stand will honor those fallen so many years ago.

God speed.


Our annual Day of the DeadHeads airsoft zombie game has returned for another year of horror! This is a semi open-world, immersive, story driven event akin to stand alone zombie video games. The game revolves around completing objectives and surviving a growing zombie threat.  This unique event gives players the opportunity to be immersed in a post apocalyptic world with an ACTUAL horde of Zombies all hungry for 1 thing! Can your group complete the mission assigned to them?!?! How will you approach the various challenges posed to complete the task? Don’t wait, humanity’s future awaits! 

Event Details:

Date and Time: This event is on Oct. 27th 2023 from 6pm-Midnight (Check-in opens @ 5pm).

Limit:100 Players MAXIMUM!


$100 before 10/1

$115 before 10/23

$130 after 10/23

This is an airsoft ONLY event and will require all players to be familiar with GoAirheads ruleset found: HERE

Game Specific Information:

This is a live-action game where REAL volunteers will be acting like zombies and will be chasing/interacting with the participants! This WILL include being physically and appropriately touched by these zombies through the course of gameplay! If you are not fully comfortable with this then do NOT purchase a ticket to this event!  

In-Store Discounts:

-With proof of purchase you will get 10% OFF any supplies needed for this event at GoAirheads! This is a great time to purchase that 1911 pistol you’ve wanted or load up on extra magazines, bbs or CO2! Take advantage of this one-time offer as soon as your tickets have been purchased! (Additional Discounts do NOT stack)

-1 Year Pass Members will receive a $15 credit to GAH store the night of the event with proof of purchase!

More info and tickets available HERE

Zombie Volunteers Needed!!! 

Are you over 16 or older and want to devour brains instead? Or maybe you want to be a part of this exciting event but don’t have the cash. Then please consider volunteering as a ZOMBIE for our Day of the DeadHeads zombie event! In order to do an “Authentic” zombie horde for our Day of the DeadHeads event, we require a “Horde” of volunteers to help us! You will be chasing/hiding/scaring and ultimately physically (gently/appropriately) tagging human players. In order to show our appreciation to our volunteer zombies, GoAirheads will be giving each zombie up to 3 FREE ENTRANCES to any GoAirheads Public Games! Please only register once you are SURE you will be able to attend.

This event is only possible because of volunteers like you! Thank you!

More info and registration available HERE

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  1. I went that night and it was so fun and exciting. The missions and all of the zombie really made it great. THANKS YOU go airhead employees gor the amazing

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