Construction Incoming!

Construction Incoming!

We have some important news to share with you all!

The Bad News:

First, the “bad” news. Unfortuantely, Weld County is requiring us to do some major alterations to our facility to keep in compliance with their zoning standards. This is something we have been meeting with them since early in 2023. Due to this, we will be having to make some major changes to our existing field buildings and layout. Things like, adding additional Mesh Netting, Emergency Fire Dept. Lanes, Concrete Exit landings and exit signs and demolishing a few structures are a few things they are requiring from us. This is unfortunate for us as we will be forced to close 1 field at a time for approximately 2 months each. This will start with Field #1 on 4/1/24. Since we will only have 2 fields open at a time, we have also temporarily paused Private Parties on the weekends to give enough room for our Public Games. Due to this, we have expanded our Party/Group options and discounts. Please take a look at our new options by clicking HERE .

The Good News:

Despite this, we are taking to opportunity to add/upgrade almost EVERY part of GoAirheads!

Proposed Upgrades:

  1. Adding MANY new buildings to our current Field #3. We have some exciting ideas for this that are not finalized yet, however expect to see some TeePees and a full Grave Yard coming in the future!
  2. Filling in the North side of Field #2 more buildings and obstacles. We are currently work shopping some ideas but we are tentatively going with a hybrid Pyramid/Embassy building idea!
  3.  Moving our existing playing field fence line to gain even MORE playing field for customer use! This will add an additional ~25′ to the North Side field and an extra ~75′ to the West side of Field #2!
  4. Focus on filling in the spaces between buildings with additional small themed structures to further make these areas unique and playable. This will be done AFTER all fields have been reopened (as that is our main priority).
  5. Finally, we plan to build a BRAND NEW store on-site. This store will have a signifcantly larger showroom to carry even MORE of your favorite products! This building will also include: Check-in, Rentals, Concessions, Tech Room, Warehousing etc. This will help us to make the GoAirheads experience the BEST in Colorado and to further streamline the experience for ALL our customers! (We see how crowded the shops can get during the weekends).

How You Can Help:

As you may know, GoAirheads is a small-business trying to take on a very LARGE and EXPENSIVE project right now. Of course, GoAirheads will be getting funding for such a large amount, however, all the work we are doing is still dependant on YOU coming out during our “construction” process. Your continued support during this time is the ONLY way we will be able to give Colorado the field and store they deserve! So please, keep coming out, invite your friends, consider purchasing a Season Pass, Ammo, HPA Air or special ordering that “unique” replica through us! This will ALL help tremendously as we go through this growing period at GoAirheads! I promise the end will be worth it!

Thanks again to ALL the Airheads who already have been supporting us through the years! We wouldn’t be at this point if it wasn’t for people like you! We are EXCITED to dive into this next airsoft adventure with all of you! Thank you.

-Joshua Trevathan

Owner of GoAirheads, Airsoft Field & Store




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  1. Well, the county being frustrating is hardly new, but the new developments sound badass. Will you be putting on any community build days for those of us who want to lend a hand?

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