2020 School Year Hours: Effective 8/24/-3/31

2020 School Year Hours: Effective 8/24/-3/31

With the start of the school year we are going back to our School Year hours. These can be seen on the calendar below but as a reminder:

Public Games:

GoAirheads Playing Field will be open for Public Games EVERY weekend Saturday and Sunday from 10-5pm

Night Games:

Friday Night Fights & [ADULT SWIM] will run till 9/26. More info here: https://www.goairheads.com/night-games-ending-9-26-20/

Store Hours:

Our Store will be open during ALL above mentioned hours AND will be extending our hours during the weekday Monday-Friday from 11am to 7pm.

Private Parties:

Private Parties are available almost ANY DAY with one week’s time reservation. More info can be found here: https://www.goairheads.com/private-birthday-parties-and-group-packages/


We will be OPEN the following dates: 9/7 (Labor Day), 10/12 (Columbus Day), 10/16&19 (Schools Out), 10/23 (Halloween Costume Party), 11/11 (Veterans Day), 11/23,24,25 (Thanksgiving Break), 11/27 (Black Friday Event/Sale), 12/21,22,23 (Christmas Break), 1/4 (Schools Out), 1/18 (MLK), 2/12 (Schools Out), 2/15 (President’s Day) & 3/22,23,24,25,26 (Spring Break).

We will be CLOSED the following dates: 11/3 (Election Day), 11/26 (Thanksgiving Day), 12/24,25 (Christmas), 12/31-1/1 (New Years), Weather related issues & of course any Covid regulations may also call for us to close. These will always be posted on our event calendar, Facebook and our website home page as soon as we know.

Event Calendar:

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