1st Field OVERHAUL! Plus Weekday Private Party Discounts (4/4-5/24)

1st Field OVERHAUL! Plus Weekday Private Party Discounts (4/4-5/24)

Field #1 Renovation

GoAirheads is excited to announce the complete teardown of our oldest field (Field #1). This will be done to fully Overhaul the field to be completely different and unique for our customers! The Finish date will be no later than 5/24. Just in time for Summer! We plan to have a Reopening party the first Saturday that the field is able to be played on again so stay tuned for that! We don’;;t want to give away too many clues to our new first field design but we will say this:

  • 80% of first field will be completely removed
  • We will be building 3, 2 story buildings spread throughout the field
  • We will still be keeping certain unique parts of our original field (Bus, Helicopter etc).
  • Want more info: Come by each weekend to see the progress of the field and play around some of the new cover that we are staging out north of our second field (Think of it as LIMITED TIME COVER!)


Discounted Weekday Private Parties

Due to shutting down one of our fields we will NOT be booking private parties on weekends from 4/4-5/24. Instead however we are offering discounted rates on weekday private parties! Snag up these deals before they return to the normal rate once all 3 of our fields are finished! More info for private parties can be found here: https://www.goairheads.com/private-birthday-parties-and-group-packages/

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