Summer Hours! Public Games 6 days a week!

Summer Hours! Public Games 6 days a week!

GoAirheads is back to it’s summer time schedule of being open 6 days a week! This is every Tuesday-Sunday 10am-5pm all summer long! (Mondays we are completely closed). We will continue to have our Night Games every Friday and Saturday night from 6-11pm. Friday nights are for everyone 10 and older, while Saturday night is Adult Swim. (16+)

Worried about player attendance for weekdays? Don’t be! GoAirheads has been doing weekday games for the last 8 years. We consistently get some of the HIGHEST player counts in the state of Colorado. There is RARELY a day when we do not have enough players to take on the battle field!

On top of this GoAirheads has one of the most unique policies of any airsoft field in Colorado. Our Slow Day Policy: If at least 8 players are not here within 2 hours of us opening we will not only refund all entrance fees, we will also refund all rental fees AND give you a FREE entrance for the next time you come in. So come down risk free and play some weekday airsoft. Worst case scenario, you play for two hours for free and get in your NEXT time for free as well, so you have nothing to lose. We cant wait to spend yet another AWESOME summer with you all!

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  1. Do you guys have days or hours that are just for people with basic level guns? When I’ve brought my kids, they’re frustrated that so many people have crazy high-end guns that makes their weapon not great to play with

    • Hi Jessica,
      Unfortuantely we don’t have any days like you mention. However, if they are wanting to check out a “pro-Level” type of gun I woulkd highly suggest renting out our “pro-Level” rentals which are GREAT guns for $15 more than a standard level. I might also suggest coming due the weekdays when there are generally less people here and so it could seem less intimidating.

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