Night Games April through September!

Night Games April through September!

Our Night games run from April through September every year! That means every Friday and Saturday through September we will be having night games from 6 pm-11 pm. 

FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS: Open to anyone 10 years or older with our GoAirheads family-friendly mindset and rules.

SATURDAY [ADULT SWIM]: Open to anyone 16 years or older. ID will be required to play in adult swim as we allow smoking in our staging area and “light-hearted cussing” (marijuana and alcohol are strictly prohibited)

When attending our night games Red and Blue LED wristbands are required to play. We sell these in our shop for $8 and recommend keeping them through September, as they are reusable. We highly suggest bringing CLEAR lens eye pro. Finally, if you play the same day “day games” please keep your wristband on, as you will get $10 off your nighttime entrance! Visit Hours & Events to see more information on dates for Night Games. If you have any other questions contact us. 

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