GoAirheads - Airsoft Field & Store, Erie Colorado
                   Airsoft Field and Airsoft Store
GoAirheads Airsoft Field and Store in Erie Colorado, near Denver, gives children, teens and adults an exhilarating, unforgettable experience in a unique battle zone. Play against your friends and friends to be. Even play head-to-head against an army of zombies during our I AM ZOMBIE game. 
Plan strategies, compete against friends, and lead your team to victory across complex acres of walls, hideouts, barn areas and great sniper positions.  Only the top shots and bravest commandos master the field and triumph in our airsoft wars.
Events and parties at GoAirheads guarantee safe, exciting fun for every guest with top-notch weaponry, full-scale battle environments and reliable referees.  Our referees are king, and they keep all our warriors engaged in safe, mediated battles and maintain a fair, regulated game for all. 
Organize a private party, compete in our regular events, tournaments and camps or fight zombies across the field.  Practice your airsoft game with ammunition and accessories from our shop, and we’ll help you keep all your artillery in full working order.
Set up your next event at our airsoft fields or visit our shop for batteries, chargers, BBs and more.  We’ll see you there! 

UPDATE #1: We will be closed Saturday 11/15/14 due to weather. HOWEVER, we will be open this Sunday 11/16/14 to the public for regular games! Come on down and get some airsoft time in!
UPDATE #2: CRAZY GOAIRHEADS SALE! GoAirheads will be selling all G&G Top Tech Models on black Friday for 40% OFF!!! Saturday and Sunday they will be 30% OFF and through the month of December they will be 20% OFF! PLUS with every gun purchase $100 or more we will include a free entrance to GoAirheads field! Come down and get your Christmas shopping done early!

Many years ago while the government was looking for a cure for cancer there was a terrible disaster which forever changed our life as we knew it. We have never been the same. We were many scientists and military personnel who fought hard and stayed strong trying to find the antidote that would save our world. This horrible disease that took our families and friends must be stopped. We lost good people in these years! Those that survived death were changed into zombie like creatures who have been devouring us, one by one. Now, the Zombies have changed, they are not just creatures of the night. Oh no, they come out at any hour. Just smelling fresh flesh is what they seek. They have evolved! They are smarter.
I sit hiding in the back alley next to the barn writing this in hopes someone, anyone will hear our cry. Those of us that are left have one last fight in us!! We are held up in a small town, Erie, Colorado, right next to a major highway at a simple farm.  The scientists are working frantically to find the antidote, the cure. Please God let this be the time we uncover the cure! 
If you are reading this or hearing our cries, COME, COME to help us. We can see that they are starting to move to our location. THE BATTLE WILL COMMENCE!!!!!! COME IF YOU DARE!!
When: October 26th, Sunday
Time :  1p-9p
Cost:    $25 (includes food)
All ages above 10 years old. Costumes are welcomed and encouraged. Pistols and shot guns only after 5p. Bring protective gear, everyone will play as both zombies and humans through the night.
Last event of the year!!! Get your homework done on Saturday and come.  There is limited space so pre-register here on this website.  
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GoAirheads Store 
 Stop by and visit our store for all your airsoft needs. Just because we don't advertise or have an internet store our prices are at or below our competitors. If you don't see it in our store ask us. We carry most of the top manufactures items. We have everything from pistols to shot guns and everything in between. We carry G&G, Elite Force, MagPul, Classic Army, Echo 1, Javelin, King Arms and KWA just to name a few. We sell batteries, chargers, and of course BB's. We also carry a variety of accessories. While we can't stock everything we can order most anything you need. Keep in mind we sell Gift Certificates .
Update 1:  Please park at the parking lot located on the right side of the property as you pull in. There will be no more parking on the south side of the house. We love your pets but Please Do Not let your pets out of your vehicles as our dog "Brutus " is very protective of our property. Thank you.
Update 2: This is to clarify our policy on product purchases at GoAirheads. Return Policy-There is no return policy! All sales are final. We give a 30 day Warranty for Manufacturers defects.
Within our 30 day manufacturers defect policy we will give store credit or replace the item. It must have the original box, paper- work (owners manual) and original sales receipt. If it is over 30 days you can send it back directly to manufacturer/distributor. Each gun is slightly different so you must read the paperwork.  
 2014 Oblivion Winners:
2014 Oblivion Jr. Winners:
OBLIVION 2015 IS COMING !   This is a double elimination style, team death match tournament held at the Goairheads field. Dates are August 1st for Jr. Oblivion ages 14 and under. OBLIVION is 15 and older. If you are 14 and under you may register for both tournaments! The tournaments will start at 9am and go until completed. Each team must consist of 5 players. If your team consists of more than 5 members you are allowed to split your team into separate, smaller teams ie: a team of 10 members may have 2 teams. Admission is 25 dollars per person and includes lunch.  We will also be putting together a list of singles so you can join a temporary team as well. The teams will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. Payments will be made in advance. IMPORTANT: No last minute players and no refunds after payment. You must pre-register and pay prior to the tournament. The cut off date will be announced closer to the event.  For registration questions call Dianna at 303-257-4689. Start preparing your teams now.
Jr. Oblivion $25.00 ea.        OBLIVION $35.00 ea.