Weekend Tickets REQUIRED starting 11/28!!!

Weekend Tickets REQUIRED starting 11/28!!!

The CDPHE has limited us to do public events of 75 people or less! Due to this being a small number of players we have setup a ticket system on our website to sell tickets for our public WEEKEND games as long as this persists starting 11/28/20 . Tickets must be purchased on our website for the specific date you would like to play! We will be keeping these updated two weeks out in order for you to reserve your time early. More details are on the item page for these tickets. You can find the ticket page under our “PRE-PAY EVENTS” category under our “Shop Now” tab or by clicking here: https://www.goairheads.com/product-category/pre-pay/ . We wil NOT be selling tickets to our weekday public games due to us not being concerned about crossing over 75 people during our weekdays. Again though, for weekend play tickets will be REQUIRED. Thank you for understanding and we hope to again return to normal SOON!

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    • Hi Josh,
      Unfortunately all tickets are final and so therefore are non-refundable with very little exception. Unfortunately we have sold out for today’s event and have only a couple hours till it starts so we are not able to move this ticket due to such a last minute change.

  1. Hi I was woundering if we have like three people coming on the weekends and reserve tickets do we buy three separate tickets or where it says put names we just buy the one and you will know how many just woundering since it says names not just one name

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