Valken LiPo 11.1V 1200mAh 30c Split Airsoft Battery




  • Small Tamiya Connector
  • High Performance Lithium Battery
  • Holds Charge For Months
  • Fits Inside most Crane Stocks

WARNING: NEVER leave battery charging unattended. Do NOT attempt to charge more then ONE battery on ONE charger.

ONLY Use a LiPo/Li-ion charger, other chargers will cause fires, property damage, or injury!

ALWAYS remove battery from airsoft gun or charger when NOT in use.

Charge on a non-flammable surface, do NOT bend, pierce, or cut the battery pack or wires.

Stop charging imminently if you think something is wrong or battery is unusually puffy.

Tip: Do not Let battery die completely to enhance life expectancy!

Cancer and Reproductive harm:



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