Redline Airsoft Firebase Air System for PolarStar Fusion Engine – Digital Camo


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This air system is based on Redline Airsoft’s new Firebase regulator. Designed to address the short comings of all the other currently available Airsoft regulators, the Firebase is hands down the finest regulator available for your PolarStar.

The air system includes our exclusive Big Bore Braided Hose and 2 self sealing Mini Quick Disconnects. One on the gun end of the hose and one on the regulator end. The Q.D. on the regulator end of the hose lets you quickly detach the hose from your air system even with the system still pressurized for quick and easy tank refills. Now even with your hose fully integrated into your Vest / Harness tank refills are a breeze .

The regulator also features an integrated tournament lock. By inserting a wire tie into the holes in the adjuster cap and around the hex nipple it blocks the velocity adjusting screw.

As a added safety measure we have fitted a high flow pressure relief valve. The relief valve helps protect your Engine from an over pressure in the event of either a regulator malfunction or an accidental operator over-adjustment of the regulator.

The air system comes complete with all fittings required to connect to the Fusion Engine.


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