ICS MGL (Gen 2.) Short Barrel


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  • Made from high strength industrial plastic for lightweight operation; provides superior portability & maneuverability
  • Licensed by Milkor USA
  • 6-Grenade cylinder capacity for amazing offensive and defensive firepower
  • Enlarged bore to allow use of TAG grenades or other compatible foam/rubber grenade projectiles
  • Fully retractable 6 position / 3 angle LE stock
  • 4 sided aluminum front rail interface for tactical accessories (vertical fore grip included)
  • Aluminum top rail for optics
  • Improved cylinder and locking mechanism

FPS: Varies based on shells

When you want to completely suppress and dominate an enemy position, there is no tool quite as satisfying or terrifying as a multiple round grenade launcher. There are not many support weapons out there that can send the same volume of BB’s down range in rapid succession as the MGL.
The new Gen.2 MGL from ICS features improvements to allow the use of the new TAG grenade shells as well as other foam/rubber bodied projectiles. Cylinder improvements reduce play and wobble and the new locking mechanism makes sure the cylinder properly aligns with the barrel each time.

Overall Length: 730mm – 825mm (Adjustable)
Weight (unloaded): 4.15 lbs
Muzzle Velocity: Varies according to BB shower grenade
Effective Range: Varies according to BB shower grenade
Shells: The revolver launcher uses all Matrix, ICS, Dboy, Madbull, King Arms, Craft Apple Work, Classic Army, Pro Arms and other compatible Standard length 40mm Airsoft gas grenade shells


*Does NOT include Shells!


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