Echo 1 Troy TRX


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Underneath the flash hider the metal outer barrel will be threaded in the standard 14mm counter clockwise (CCW) so you can attach your favorite flash hider, if you like. The solid metal TRX hand guard will go to the end of the barrel to give you more options for mounting and on the top will be the Troy iron sights. With the holes you see on the TRX hand guard it is for the modular mounting options of the rail panels that are sold separately as a TRX Rail section 3 pack. This keeps the rifles weight down and gives you the stream line option of only using the mounting sections for your needed flash light or vertical grip while reducing the most amount of weight. The Troy Battle sight is made out of metal and with a solid construction like the real counterpart the sight will have a lock button for the up and folded down options. The front sight post is adjustable with a standard front sight tool. The rear sight matches the build quality of the front sight to give a solid lock position along with left and right adjustments to better sight in the rifle with the iron sights which are standard on the rifle. Both the front and rear sight can be removed from the top rail with the use of a flat head screw driver if you choose to do so.Underneath the metal Troy TRX hand guard the metal outer barrel will be found. One of the many cost effective features of the Echo1 Troy Industries Battle Rifle is the attention to detail while keeping the cost low. The outer barrel will be a solid one piece barrel to have a rigid barrel that will not loosen over time like other brands that use set screws to hold the barrel together. No maintanece here ever and on top of that the barrel nut uses the same Mil Spec as the real rifle so you can use the correct AR tools if you like.The Echo1USA Troy Industries Battle Rifle will be equipped with a light weight a durable metal body. This metal body will be held together with large allen key body pins and have the standard M4 features when it comes down to the trigger and fire control.The Battle Axe stock is able to store a PEQ type lipo in the bottom section and even a Buffer Tube lipo once the excess wires are routed away. The inner compartment for the battery storage has foam to securely hold the battery pack in place and prevent any bumping or rocking noise while in use.The Troy rifles come in the three lengths depending on what you are thinking about using it for. This is the longest version using a TRX 13 inch hand guard and a standard 363mm inner barrel. The CQB version will be using a TRX 10 inch hand guard and will be short for CQB but still a decent size for most outdoor uses with its 280mm inner barrel. The shortest and smallest option is the Troy M7A1 using a shorter 7 inch hand guard with a 205mm inner barrel.

  • Full Metal
  • Flip Sights
  • Troy Motor Grip
  • Battle Axe Stock
  • Battery & Charger NOT Included
  • Troy Rail
  • Short, Medium, & Long Lengths

~390 Fps (Measured with a .2g bb)


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