Echo 1 Bolt AK74U

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With the Bolt’s integrated rail system you can attach your favorite accessories such as lights, lasers, fore grips and more. With the RedStar Bolt’s short length you can maneuver through close quarters without being seen by other players.The Bolt is also capable of taking an M120 spring for increased range and FPS for an outdoor field setting. The re-enforced internals can handle a lipo, to withstand increased rate of fire.Adjust your stock to any preferred setting. Whether you want perfect accuracy or have to get through tight corners you can easily adjust your stock. Aftermarket stocks can be installed to give you a different look and feel. Don’t settle for just one magazine, because with the Bolt you get two magazines. Out of the box you will receive two magazines each capable of holding 550 rounds for a combined 1100 round capacity. With the Bolts universal magazine catch you can use any Echo1 AK Fast mags, Waffle type mags and even drum magazines.

  • Lipo Ready
  • Full Rails
  • Full Metal
  • 2 Magazines
  • More Rail Space
  • Battery & Charger Included
  • Crane Stock
  • Standard V.3 Parts
  • Reliable Gun
  • Great Performing

~370 Fps (Measured with a .2g bb)

1 review for Echo 1 Bolt AK74U

  1. Drake W

    I have not had a bad day with this weapon for my past 2-3 years of using it. It’s a lot more lightweight then my Colt M4, allowing for good engagements and good hits while being able to move it around freely and at a fast pace. It has a decently long range and I have been able to get hits every blue moon on someone across fields, or neighboring fields.

    Would recommend

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