Bravo L96 (MK98)




The Bravo MK98 Sniper Rifle is based on the real steel L96 sniper rifle that has been issued to the snipers of the British Army and other various special operations organizations from all over the world. This airsoft replica comes ready to turn you into a true airsoft sniper. It features a comfortable cheek rest and a tactical rail segment that is perfect for the addition of scopes or other optics. This rifle also comes with a spring-loaded bipod that ensures that you can keep your gun stable and shots accurate on nearly any terrain. Furthermore, the ergonomically designed grip and stock make this rifle extremely comfortable for the user to keep it trained on target.

  • Speed Loader
  • Bipod
  • Top Rail
  • 2 Point Sling
  • Spring Powered
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Fluted Barrel
  • Accurate

~480-500 FPS (Measured with .2g bb)


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