Ammoback – Strike by Shielltec


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The Ammoback is a state of the art reloading system designed to take up less space, allow more maneuverability and most importantly to increase reload speeds!

The Ammoback is designed to hold 6 standard AR15 magazines. As one magazine is taken the next fully loaded one will shoot out in its place ready to be grabbed. This saves time by being able to always grab your magazines from the same place, thereby building muscle memory.

This system holds mags tight enough in order for magazines not to fall out while on the move but loose enough to easily pull one out for that high speed mag change.

*Standard molle webbing on all sides

*Strong construction able to take ALOT of abuse

*Easily lay on your stomach without worrying about all your mags getting in the way and dirty

*Comes with removable carrying straps

*Available in both Olive Drab and Tan

* Watch the video below to see a video of the ammoback in use!

GoAirheads is the first retailer in America to sell this product! Supplies are limited. Get it while you can!


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