11.1v 800mah G&G LiPo Battery




To power Airsoft AEG guns. To increase rate of fire, pull high power springs, increase trigger response time, and to improve the over-all clean look of your AEG

  • 11.1v 800MAh LiPo battery
  • Designed for use in the ARP9 AEG though will work in other AEG’s that require a small battery size but want a LARGE amount of performace from their battery.
  • Please read ALL warnings included with battery. Lipo batteries can be VERY volatile if handled improperly.
  • Only for use with Lipo Balance chargers. Trying to charge this battery with ANY other type of charger will make this battery EXPLODE! Please only charge in a safe space in your home (ie: concrete floor away from other flamable materials).


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