To get the most out of your airsoft experience, and to make sure you stay safe on the field, you must have the right airsoft gear. GoAirheads is based in Denver, Colorado, and provides an expansive online store, so you can find top-notch airsoft equipment in the store or online. With all types of airsoft gear for sale including airsoft weapons, BBs, helmets, goggles, magazines and other accessories, we have everything you need to complete your airsoft gear checklist.

Outfit yourself with the best airsoft gear and guns, including tactical goggles so you can enjoy the game you love, stay safe and win the most difficult matches. We have airsoft equipment for sale to accommodate players of all levels of experience and all ages, to ensure everyone can play safely for years.

Before you start competing in matches with your airsoft gun and before you even start practicing with your weapon, you need to have the right protection, especially for your eyes. Airsoft eye protection might be an essential part of your airsoft gear and equipment collection. A hit from an airsoft BB in the eye without the right protection can result in permanent damage.

A BB hit to the eye can happen in a variety of ways, and it always occurs in the way a competitor least expects. One player may accidentally hit another player in the eye or, most commonly, a ricocheting BB can cause the damage. Goggles and protective face masks are imperative. Protect your eyes with the right airsoft eye protection from GoAirheads. We offer a wide range of airsoft equipment, including face masks, goggles, tactical helmets, guns, clips, BBs and more. While protecting yourself from harm is paramount, we know great airsoft gear is also easy to use and easy to work with. Our airsoft eye protection for sale will not inhibit your game or limit your vision.

With a variety of different designs, you can also order airsoft eye protection that fits with your existing gear. These goggles are made especially for airsoft matches and practicing, so they are built to withstand the hard, sharp hits from airsoft BBs, even at close range. They are finished with a scratch and dent resistant layer, so taking a BB right to the head will not even phase you. The goggles are also outfitted with a fog resistant layer, so you will not have to worry about wiping your goggles in the middle of a match.

When searching for airsoft eye protection, it is essential you purchase a comfortable, durable and easy to see out of the product. We only inventory reputable brands we would feel great about using while playing airsoft, so rest assured knowing you will be purchasing airsoft gear you can depend on when shopping at GoAirheads. If you are looking for a sleeker, lighter feel, the Valken Echo Tactical goggles are the ideal fit.

Designed similar to sunglasses, the Valken Echo Tactical goggles will fit with other individual protective items such as helmets or mesh lower face guards. The goggles are also adjustable, so they are easy to take on and off, and they fit comfortably on your head. If you are looking for a full-coverage goggles that guard your eyes as well as part of your forehead and nose, leaving no room for errant BBs to hit, the larger Bravo airsoft goggles provide a more substantial design. These goggles are also adjustable so you can take them on and off easily, whether you are getting ready for a match or just going into the backyard to practice. Comfortable, resistant to fogging and scratching, fitting to the face and providing a sleek and stylish look, there is no reason not to wear these goggles.

With the right equipment, airsoft is a completely safe sport that will not result in injury. Airsoft guns should also be respected and the damage they can do should be appreciated. That is why GoAirheads puts safety at the top of the list of priorities. If you are getting your first airsoft gun, make sure to order protective goggles and helmets with the rest of your airsoft equipment and guns. If you are an experienced player, do not let your experience and your confidence result in injury; put safety first and protect your vision. Order tactical goggles for yourself, for a family member or for a friend. To learn more about the different airsoft goggles in our inventory, click on one of the product names or images.

If you have specific questions or you would like to learn more we are happy to help! Fill out the contact form on the page, give us a call, or visit the store in Denver, Colorado, and tell us what you are looking for or tell us any questions you have.

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