Face Protection

Few sports are more fun to play with friends or other enthusiasts than airsoft. That being said, safety should always reign paramount when playing the sport we love. In order to make sure everyone is safe, it is vital all players have the proper equipment on before entering the ‘battlefield.’ Airsoft weapons are made to look similar to their real firearm counterparts and, though airsoft weapons will not seriously injure any competitors when struck in the body, they can cause serious harm to the face without protection.

GoAirheads provides tactical helmets, airsoft goggles, airsoft face guards and other equipment to protect the face and head of all players. Airsoft face protection is the most important part of your airsoft ensemble and, to avoid serious injury, you need airsoft helmets and masks built to take a beating. Our airsoft helmets for sale, airsoft face mesh and goggles are made by leading manufacturers in the industry, ensuring you have the best protection. We know the best airsoft face protection allows you to play well while keeping you protected. Our airsoft tactical helmets and facemasks prevent injury to your face and head while giving you a full range of vision, allowing you to breathe and giving you full movement.

Based in Denver, Colorado, GoAirheads is your one stop shop for all of your airsoft needs. When you need protective airsoft helmets and other equipment, GoAirheads has you covered. We have many face protection options for sale, including tactical helmets, face mesh, goggles and more.

The airsoft gun helmets are made to protect your head, skull and, most importantly, you brain, from the hard impacts airsoft BBs inflict. While airsoft guns and BBs are non-lethal, both new players and experienced players can tell you a hit from an airsoft BB will leave a mark. This impact, especially at close range, around the head or at the back of the head can cause serious damage. Airsoft gun helmets are made with tough, durable materials that absorb the impact from the BBs. These helmets are designed to withstand all types of impacts during an airsoft match and protect you even from close-range hits.

Another essential component to complete face protection is goggles. While it is a common warning, getting hit in the eye with an airsoft pellet can indeed blind you, in addition to immense pain. While goggles are absolutely indispensable when playing in a competitive match or even just practicing, we understand it is also imperative you be able to see. Our airsoft face protection for sale will not fog up or block your vision, so you can see all of your teammates, your opponents or your targets. Just like the helmets, the goggles are made to withstand hits from BBs and they will not crack or lose their shape if they are hit. If you are using individual pieces such as a helmet and goggles, you also need a lower facemask.

Though a lower face mask is made to protect the chin, mouth and nose instead of sensitive areas such as the eyes and ears, a lower facemask is just as important as the rest of your gear. Getting hit in the mouth or nose with an airsoft BB without proper protection can also cause serious injury. At the very least, an unprotected hit will put you out of a game. Many competitors choose a separate helmet, goggles, and lower face mask protection because it allows them the move and breathe better. The lower facemask mesh guard makes it easy to breathe and prevents fogging, while the metal construction absorbs hits and protect the mouth, chin and nose area.

The facemask and tactical helmet for sale give you complete protection over the head and face in one essential article. The Valken MI-7 facemask gives you 360-degree protection with a stylish look. The bottom of the helmet and facemask are made with slits through the polycarbonate so you can breathe easily, and the lens is made with anti-fog, scratch-resistance treatments so your vision stays clear. A dual-layer, open cell foam around the head provides superior impact protection while wicking away sweat. With all of your vital head and face protection in one item, you do not have to worry about forgetting any essentials, and you can easily put on and take off the protection you need.

Browse the airsoft face protection for sale and find the best equipment to stay safe while playing or practicing. Purchasing a helmet or facemask for a friend or family member also ensured they stay safe while they are playing. Click on one of the names or product images for information about a given selection. If you need help selecting the best airsoft face protection for your needs, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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