Renowned for being a one-stop-shop for all of your airsoft needs, GoAirheads offers many different brands and types of airsoft batteries for sales, including Tenergy batteries, Nunchuck batteries, and LiPo stick batteries. Whether you need 8.4 airsoft volt batteries, 9.6V airsoft batteries, or some other type, we help you find exactly what you need. Airsoft batteries and airsoft battery chargers are one of the essential components in your airsoft collection and finding the right battery can enhance your game and allow you to play longer.

The right batteries for your airsoft gun can give your shots more power, making them fly farther, straighter and have more impact on your opponents. GoAirheads can help you find airsoft gun batteries to best suit your weapon and give you the longest charge as well as the most intense shot. The airsoft experts at GoAirheads carefully select all of the brands, equipment, and accessories, and we help you find the equipment you need to improve your game.

In addition to selling actual batteries, we sell battery chargers. Battery chargers put you back into the game and return your battery to full power quickly. You can charge your battery right before a game before you go out to practice, or you can let your batteries charge overnight. Our airsoft battery chargers for sale work with many different types of batteries including a LiPo stick battery, Nunchuck battery or Tenergy batteries. The same company that makes excellent batteries for airsoft guns also makes superior, long-lasting chargers.

The LiPo charger from Tenergy allows you to quickly and easily recharge your LiPo battery using a normal wall outlet. These chargers are easy to use, with straightforward instructions and a design specialized to work with airsoft batteries, so there are no burnouts. The charger is also affordable, so you can order multiple chargers and keep all of your batteries at full power. You can also use multiple chargers to charge batteries for more than one airsoft gun, such as a pistol and a rifle.

GoAirheads supplies a number of batteries from different manufacturers and with different designs. Different batteries are required to suit different airsoft weapons, and we have airsoft gun batteries for sale to suit almost any make or model. As an airsoft player, it is prudent to know what type of battery you will need since there are so many options available. We help you select the right airsoft gun batteries for sale that allow you to charge and recharge your airsoft gun and even help improve your game. Batteries for airsoft weapons should be chosen carefully, so you can extend the performance for your weapon, pack the most punch and, most importantly, make sure your gun is ready to fire.

Many batteries for airsoft pistols or rifles are only designed to work with specific models and types, and vice-versa. Before choosing a battery, click for more information and see which models the battery is compatible with. It is important to select a battery with a matching voltage and discharge rate, as well as a size that suits your weapon. With a higher capacity (mAh), your battery will extend the performance of your weapon and allow you to play harder for longer. With batteries and chargers specially designed for airsoft guns, you can also extend the longevity of your battery and your gun. With the right battery and the right placement, you can make one of the hardest-hitting airsoft guns on your team. Your opponents will be shocked at the strength of your airsoft gun, and you will last until you take home the win.

Finding the right battery can be confusing, especially if you are new to the airsoft gun market. If you are unsure of what type of battery you need, our experts are more than happy to help. GoAirheads is based in Denver, Colorado, and we are your local and online source for the best airsoft guns, BBs, accessories and other equipment. For those who know exactly the equipment they need, simply purchase your equipment online with a few clicks. If you are not sure exactly what you need, we are airsoft experts, and we are here to help. Tell us about your airsoft gun or guns, and we can help you find the right battery as well as the right battery charger, so you can keep on playing and you can keep your equipment working properly.

If you are shopping for a friend or family member and looking for an ideal gift to supplement their airsoft equipment, we can point you in the right direction. Tell us what questions you have and give us a call, send us a message or visit our business in Denver, Colorado!

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